Best Firm Cooling Mattress: Top Picks and Buying Guide for 2024

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Last Updated: 06 Jul 2024

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Are you tired of waking up drenched in sweat struggling to find a mattress that keeps you cool and offers firm support? 

Choosing the best firm cooling mattress can be daunting, especially with the overwhelming number of options available. 

The right mattress can transform your sleep experience, providing the perfect cooling comfort and supportive firmness you need.

This article will guide you through the top picks for the best firm cooling mattresses, including the highly-rated SONU Sleep System, Nolah Evolution 15", and Saatva Classic. 

We’ll discuss their features, benefits, and what makes them stand out. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed decision and enjoy a cooler, more comfortable night's sleep.

Top Picks for the Best Firm Cooling Mattress

1. SONU Sleep System

sonu sleep mattress

Features and Benefits

The SONU Sleep System Hybrid stands out with its unique design tailored for side sleepers. 

It features a patented Comfort Channel and Support Pillow system, which allows arms to rest comfortably and reduces pressure on the shoulders and neck. 

The mattress is constructed from 28 pieces of premium high-resilience CertiPUR-US® certified foams and a layer of 6-inch individually pocketed coils, providing ideal support and durability.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

    • Excellent cooling with PCM-infused cover

    • Adjustable head and neck layers for personalized comfort

    • Durable construction with premium materials

  • Cons:

    • Higher price point

    • Not suitable for children under 12 years of age

Customer Reviews

Customers have been raving about the SONU Sleep System's ability to alleviate pressure points and enhance comfort for side sleepers. 

Many have reported significant improvements in sleep quality and reduced shoulder pain , making it a top choice for those seeking a firm cooling mattress.

2. Nolah Evolution 15"

nolah mattress

Features and Benefits

The Nolah Evolution 15" is a versatile mattress with three firmness levels: plush, luxury, and firm. 

It incorporates high-density cooling foams and a graphite-infused AirFoamICE™ layer that helps dissipate heat. 

The mattress also features a tri-zoned support coil system that offers targeted support and pressure relief, making it a great value for its price.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

    • Multiple firmness options

    • Advanced cooling technology with AirFoamICE™

    • Tri-zoned coil system for superior support

  • Cons:

    • It may be too tall for some bed frames at 15 inches

    • Mid-range prices may not suit all budgets

Customer Reviews

Users appreciate the Nolah Evolution 15" for its cooling properties and customizable firmness levels. 

Many have found relief from night sweats and improved sleep comfort due to the mattress's innovative design. 

Its versatility and value for money make it a confident choice for many.

3. Saatva Classic

saatva mattress

Features and Benefits

The Saatva Classic is a luxury mattress with three firmness levels: Plush, Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm. 

It features a breathable organic cotton cover, a Euro pillow top, and a dual-coil system that enhances airflow and durability. 

The mattress is also made with eco-friendly materials, including CertiPUR-US® certified foams and recycled steel coils, ensuring high comfort and sustainability.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros:

    • Luxurious design with high-quality materials

    • Excellent cooling with a breathable cotton cover

    • Eco-friendly construction

  • Cons:

    • Premium price tag

    • Heavier weight may require assistance for setup

Customer Reviews

Saatva Classic owners praise the mattress for its combination of luxury and functionality. 

Many reviewers highlight the excellent customer service and the significant improvement in sleep quality due to the mattress's supportive and cooling features. 

The Saatva Classic offers a sense of indulgence and satisfaction.

What to Look for in a Firm Cooling Mattress

When searching for the best firm cooling mattress, it's essential to consider several key factors to ensure you get the most out of your investment. 

A good cooling mattress should provide adequate support and help regulate body temperature throughout the night. Here are the crucial elements to look for:

  1. Firmness: Mattresses are ideal for individuals who need extra support, particularly those who sleep on their back or stomach. They help maintain proper spinal alignment and reduce the risk of back pain.
  2. Regarding cooling technology, your best bet is mattresses with advanced features like phase-change materials (PCM), gel-infused foams, or breathable covers. These innovative technologies effectively dissipate heat, keeping the sleeping surface cool and comfortable throughout the night.
  3. Material Quality: High-quality materials ensure durability and comfort. Opt for mattresses with CertiPUR-US® certified foams and other eco-friendly components that provide comfort and safety.
  4. Support System: A robust support system, including pocketed coils or high-density foam, offers targeted support and reduces motion transfer, making it suitable for couples.
  5. Warranty and Trial Period: A generous warranty and trial period reflect the manufacturer's confidence in their product. Look for mattresses that offer at least a 10-year warranty and a trial period of 100 nights or more.

Buying Guide for Firm Cooling Mattresses

Why Choose a Firm Cooling Mattress?

Benefits of Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses provide the necessary support to keep your spine aligned, reducing the risk of back pain and other discomforts. 

They are especially beneficial for back and stomach sleepers, as they prevent the hips and abdomen from sinking too deeply, which can cause misalignment.

Benefits of Cooling Technology

Cooling technology in mattresses helps regulate body temperature, preventing overheating and night sweats. This is particularly important for hot sleepers and those in warmer climates. 

Advanced cooling features like PCM, gel-infused foams, and breathable covers ensure a more comfortable sleep environment.

How to Choose the Right Firm Cooling Mattress

Materials and Construction

High-quality materials, such as CertiPUR-US® certified foams and individually pocketed coils, ensure durability and comfort. 

Look for mattresses with multiple layers that offer both support and pressure relief.

Cooling Technologies Explained

Cooling technologies include phase-change materials (PCM), gel-infused foams, and breathable fabrics. 

PCM absorbs and redistributes body heat, while gel-infused foams provide a cooler sleep surface. 

Breathable fabrics enhance airflow, keeping the mattress cool.

Firmness Levels and Sleep Positions

Firmness levels are subjective and can vary between manufacturers. Generally, a firmness rating of 7-8 is considered firm. 

Side sleepers prefer a slightly softer surface, while back and stomach sleepers usually benefit from firmer support.

Size and Thickness Considerations

Consider the size and thickness of the mattress based on your bed frame and personal preference. 

A thicker mattress may offer more support and durability but could be heavier and harder to move.

Additional Tips and Information

Maintenance and Care for Your Firm Cooling Mattress

Cleaning Tips

Regularly clean your mattress cover according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the surface. Spot-clean any stains with a mild detergent and warm water.

Longevity and Durability

To extend the life of your mattress, rotate it every three to six months to ensure even wear. Use a mattress protector to guard against spills and allergens.


Selecting the best firm cooling mattress can significantly improve sleep quality by providing the necessary support and temperature regulation. 

Whether you choose the innovative SONU Sleep System, the versatile Nolah Evolution 15", or the luxurious Saatva Classic, you can rest assured that these top picks offer exceptional comfort and cooling features. 

Evaluate your specific needs and preferences to find the perfect mattress for a cooler, more comfortable night's sleep.

FAQs About Firm Cooling Mattresses

Are firm cooling mattresses good for back pain? 

Yes, firm cooling mattresses provide the necessary support to maintain spinal alignment, which can alleviate back pain.

How do cooling technologies work in mattresses? 

Cooling technologies like PCM, gel-infused foams, and breathable covers help dissipate body heat and cool the sleeping surface.

What is the ideal firmness for a cooling mattress? 

The ideal firmness depends on your sleeping position and personal preference. Generally, a firmness rating of 7-8 is suitable for those who need extra support.

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